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Let's Be Clear

Whats going on #StrutGang

How are you managing month 4 of quarantine. Sadly I'm getting used to it. A couple of stores have opened here & there but if I can be honest.... I'm tired of wearing this hot ass mask so I just stay home.

 So lets get into a more fun topic..SHOES...after all that's why you're here right ?! The perspex (clear) shoe trend has been the top pick of shoe trends these last 3 years. Just when i thought, "how many more styles can they come up with?" new designs kept popping up. Let me show you some of my favorites and help you figure out when/where to wear them:

#1 The Fur Mule: These automatically had me thinking of TLC red light special .video. Something about these give me sexy date night vibes or late night bedroom role play. Either way they're real bougie based and i like that! The clear heel makes them super seductive and I'd pair these with a silk slip dress or a blazer dress.  

#2 Kash Doll: Ice Me Out  Show me a girl who doesn't love diamonds and I'll show you a damn fool!! Sike nah...but really the glow up is everything . A little extra bling never hurt a soul. These are for the "It" girl. All eyes on me type vibes all night you already knowwwww. Formal attire, birthday, wedding tings or just simply cuz you that Bish these are for YOU! This is for the city girl who's always extra. You can never do to much with this style so whether you keep it simple or go full Marilyn its all in how you feel for the day.



#3 Snakeskin is always in. Besides leopard this pattern will never die. For the summer they have the multi color which is always a fun flirty option. Pairs perfectly with an off the shoulder flowy top and denim shorts or sundress. I love the option of the chunky heel mule for comfort and the stiletto for the evening.

#4 The Kitten Heel: Let me just say the 2020 version of the kitten heel is fabulous. I'd usually tease anyone under 40 in kitten heels but now that I've matured its acceptable lol. Well depending on the style anyway cuz they can get very geriatric real quick. These I'd wear to a bbq or day function that doesn't require me to be dressed up. Its a quick way to feel cute in a simple outfit. Now after this quarantine I don't even know if i can walk in heels anymore so you'd probably catch me in this style more often.

 Well guys these were a few of my favorite clear styles. Which one could you see yourself rocking? I'll keep you updated when new releases are coming. I didn't want to stock up on summer shoes not knowing what was going on during this pandemic. Be sure to comment below and subscribe to our mailing list. Until next time stay safe....ttyl! -Bee

Sn: If Beyoncé can rock wedges they get a pass 😂

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  • love all of them, but I’m not sure if I’m ready for the kittens..they’re super cute though.😊

    Michelle R. Medina
  • Love the shoes!!!! I see you keep it coming

  • maaaannnn.. never thought I’d say it either.. but.. sign me up for a kitten heel any day!!


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