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Bang for your Buck

What's up #StrutGang the holidays are here and most importantly we're closing out yet another year. This year I've had some personal ups (purchased my 1st home & started a new job) and downs (business took a major hit in passion and sales) But hey you live and you learn right! What I've learned from both is whats really important in adulthood.....MONEY MANAGEMENT! 

Learning the difference between needs and wants and having the discipline to decipher the order of importance in my life resonated  true when i came across the following story: 

Chileeeeeee Payless has scammed the girls hunty in the most iconic way!!!

As you all know im a huge fan of #TheLookForLess .Payless took it a step farther by opening a fake store front with a fancy European name "Palessi" and invited fashion influencers to it's "grand opening" , Unbeknownst to the shoppers the actual shoes weren't some high end designer shoes  but the  actual Payless brands that typically ranged in prices from $20 to $40. By slapping a chic label on the shoes they were able to sell the items for $200 to $500 dollars.

They came out dressed to the 9's for this "extravagant affair"  Ohhhing and Ahhhing at the craftsmanship of these $400 dollar shoes. The gag is  had it been the Payless in the mall they'd normally dread the thought of being caught shopping there yet here they were unknowingly  shopping the look for less. AT the end of this experiment all shoppers were refunded once it was revealed how they were played by the fraudulent luxury labels.

Epic! This got me to thinking are high end brands worth it or are we getting robbed blind for the sake of keeping up with whats trendy and popular. In this social media era of keeping up appearances of lavish living are we getting the most bang for our buck??? Or is it we're hell bent on looking like the "It" girl no matter the cost.

If you can afford it more power to you I'm not here to shame or tell you how to spend your money, Im simply wondering how many people look for better options. Not just with shoes but any item im always looking for a better deal.

Im such a #shoeaddict I look it at like this: if I had $1200 to go shoe shopping and I had the choice of purchasing 1 pair of Jimmy Choo or 8 pair of Steve Maddens and still have money left over to grab a couple outfits on sale which one do you think I'm choosing? 

If the brand wasn't displayed on the outside /insole of the shoe what would determine which pair you'd buy?

Check out more of the story & their reactions after the reveal here

What are your thought on this experiment? COMMENT BELOW

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 See ya next time!

"Don't Just Walk.....STRUT!"




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