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Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo

Hey, Hey #StrutGang did you survive the Monday blues? The beginning of the week is either a drag or you could look at it as another chance to set new goals to have a successful week. I'm using it as a positive because here I am trying to get back to being consistent. Its the 2nd week and im backkkkkk because its........    #SHOESDAYTUESDAY


This week is a throwback to every( well most) girls favorite fairytale. Cinderella! A true story of love at first sight. A girl taken from rags to riches. It was all because of a single pair of SHOES! Who knew the power of the right shoe was the key to everlasting happiness 😂 . If id'a known I could have stopped kissing frogs a longggg time ago.

When thinking of this weeks #LookForLess feature the woman I had in mind works in the city. I envisioned her having impeccable style. She is someone everyone in the office looks forward to seeing daily because she greets with a smile and you can tell she took that extra 30 minutes a day to spruce herself up for work.  Her day is filled with important office meetings , rushing to meet deadlines but yet she has time for quick lunches with her girlfriends. All the walking I would imagine takes place during her daily routine, I dont think a stiletto would be a go to option.  So i ask myself,"What would she have on her feet?" A comfortable pair of mules came to mind! Something you can easily slip on with slacks, skirt, or a dress and be office chic yet ready for happy hour. Currently my celeb style crush who embodies all of that is  Rihanna !

With the current success of fenty beauty & savage lingerie Rih is doing the damn thang in business and quickly becoming a style icon. Before we get into todays #ShoePick let me give you some background knowledge on the luxury designer it's inspired by:

 This particular style is inspired by designer ,  Amina Muaddi, who is known for her unique heel design that flares out. She states although the shoes are extremely comfortable that wasn't the inspiration behind the design.   Growing up in Italy she has always had a shoe obsession and started off as a background celebrity stylist that led her to pursue her passion of shoe design in 2012. Now at the age of 33 she has created a unique signature style shoe that is in such high demand you literally have to have a connect to get access to them. Y’all about exclusive ! 

Here's our look for less version:


 As you can see it's damn near identical. Only major difference is the price (Which is key for all my #budgetnistas ) and a minor detail in the heel. Still a good balance for comfort and overall look. So what do you want to pay???? The designer price or the Struttin Sexy savings? Im sure you'll make the right decision for your pockets and look fab either way.

Is this a style you could rock? Secure your size HERE!  Enjoy a special  PRE ORDER price when you shop today. 


COMMENT below your thoughts on this weeks #LookForLess

See you guys next week!

”Don’t just walk....STRUT!”




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  • LDWfnTXaKlBo

  • Ugh! If only I had a smidge of style!!! This is so helpful…especially when you need ideas for great looks!

  • Always have the bomb styles on the look for less…i look forward to Tuesday just so i can sip my cup of tea and get cozy to read your blog…keep em coming!!!👌

    Michelle Medina
  • Those shoes are 😍 and Rih is definitely a fashion icon.


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