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It's The Bag For Me

What it do #StrutGang! Hope all is well and vibrant on your end. I'm slowly getting back into the groove of things amid this never ending pandemic. The only thing keeping me sane is getting back to blogging! This week we're diving into the hottest trends for fall 2020 in handbags. Lets get into it:
My #1 choice especially with outdoor activities minimized  lately I just like having something cute & little that let's me carry the basics. With options like different  shapes and designs it really is a simple way to accent your outfit.
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An ode to hip hop. This gives me Mary J Blige vibes. I picture big hoops and a thick lined lip lol. But true to fashion everything old is new again and this trend is definitely an add to cart option!
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 Speaking of chic c'est la vie. Oouuu how classy the belted bag is! rock it on the waist line or belted over a sweater or coat. Your now the bougie aunt at the cook out who doesn't eat off plastic forks. (also known as a fanny pack depending on the style)
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 Another one of my recent faves because the quilted look just looks so rich and plush. Designer styles as seen on chanel and bottega veneta can run easily from $1200 to $3000.
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 The knitted trend took over spring/summer but i feel like you can always bring this into fall by buying darker shades in this fabric. Keep it neutral but look for cognac, brown, tan, black ,gray and even a burnt orange hue .
Some Honorable mentions.
The Work Tote
The Oversized Clutch
The Box Bag
These were my personal top 5 picks. Which ones could you see yourself rocking?  Let’s chat , let me know some of your favorite styles in the comment section.  You’ll automatically be entered to WIN an accessory of your choice! Winner will be announced during our fall drop 9/20 . I'll be adding some handbags to our collection in the next couple of weeks.  In the meantime check out our newest arrivals
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See you guys on the next post.
"Dont just walk....STRUT!"
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  • I like #3 the Belted Bag, cuz 95% of the time, I am played back and casual. They are my easy run to the store bag.

    Jessica Muhammad
  • Yassss love this whole set up! I love the large tote bags can you get some for fall? Also mini bag me please !!!

    Sia K.
  • I love this! It gives me great ideas and that what hot and what’s not!

    Gabrielle Tate

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