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Knockin The Boots

Alright ladies , its that season. Make him cut a check for no reason ,word to city girls! It's boots & bootie weather. Are you prepared?

All new trends & styles to get you excited for fall, Lets get into it!

#1 Thigh Highs will always be my number one pick! Finding the right pair can be challenging especially for my wider calf / curvy girls. We want something that we don't have to continually pull up all day. The same can be found for skinny leg women its all about the material. Be sure to try on different styles and textures to find your perfect fit. There's always tricks to the trade such as wearing thick socks and double sided tape. I'll show you later in a style video.


 #2 Combat Boots

I always looked at these as something to throw on when you really ain't feel like getting dressed. Like grab a bomber graphic tee and go. Baybeeee the fashion girls have change my mind! Look how f**kin fire  they look all glammed up top and masculine chic on the footwear. I love it !

#3 Square Toe Ankle Boots

Ankle boots are so sleek and definitely a closet must have. Choosing a defined square toe is a plus for the lil piggies to have space and comfort for all day wear. My personal choice would be finding an off white /cream color to complete your fall wardrobe and you cant go wrong with olive green. Mix & match so you have something for everyday, going out , and of course a wild card. Speaking of.....

(by now yall know I'm addicted to a funky heel design)

 #4 Chain Gang

Looking for something spicy? Kick things up a notch by looking for boots that come with some funky hardware. Whether its chains, diamonds or pearls it's sure to add a wow factor to your outfit.

#5 Cowboy Boots


Giddy Up Cowgirl! Never thought there'd be a day I'd look at cowboy boots twice but I've seen a few pair I though hmmmmm I could rock those. Nowadays only outdoor events I've enjoyed is searching for the best winery's . This seems like the perfect atmosphere to rock these boots. 

These are just a few of my top #5 fall picks, I hope you found something you like. Covid has all of our  shipping backed up like crazy. I was really hoping to have some boots in by now but in the meantime just wanted to drop some fashion inspo to hold you guys over. I look forward to doing a style haul video on Youtube so look out for that.

Drop some love in the comments! What trend can you se yourself rocking?

See you next time!

"Don't Just Walk...Strut!"



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